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Income-Based Financial Aid

Give your students the best way to finance their education. 

SharePay Programs For Schools


Create an income share program by adding SharePay to your tuition checkout pages.

SharePay Campaigns

RedUCE Financial Barriers

Increase access and affordability for students by offering a tuition model based on a percentage of their income. 

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ReAlignED Incentives

With SharePay, you are telling your students that you care about their success and long term well being.

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Reach More Students

SharePay eliminates excuses during the enrollment process allowing you to reach more students and expand your impact.  


How SharePay Programs Work

Step 1

Start by creating income-based program for your school by submitting the form below.

Step 2

Add SharePay button on tuition checkout page for your students.

Step 3

SharePay provides personalized funding terms for on-demand.

Step 4

You deliver the education, SharePay pays you, and students pay SharePay over time. 


Why SharePay For Schools Works


SharePay Programs are easy to integrate your online checkout flow and mobile first. Your students provide just a few pieces of basic information to get approved.

Optimized Funding

We partner with several financial institutions to give you a list of the best pricing so you can focus on education. You have the option to receive funding upon enrollment or share in the upside if you don't. 


The secret to expanding marketshare is to appeal to new students in new ways. SharePay Programs helps you do both reach students abroad that could beneift from your programs.


Create a SharePay Program

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