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SharePay FAQs

SharePay Frequently Asked Questions

Why does SharePay exist?

We believe credit should be always affordable. Through automated Income Share Agreements (or ISAs), for the first time that’s possible.

What does SharePay do?

We offer secure, easy to understand, on-demand Income Share Agreements (ISAs) for schools, non-profits, and businesses.  

What is an Income Share Agreement (or ISA)?

An Income Share Agreement (or ISA)is a United States financial structure that is widely accepted in higher education and skills based training as a student loan alternative. While SharePay serves schools, we also provides ISAs to industries outside of education. We creates a new form of credit for businesses through income-based deals

Is income sharing indentured servitude?

No, Not at all. You are more indentured to your credit card than you’d ever be with an Income Share Agreement. Credit cards tact on interest, late fees, and can do a lot of damage. What most people don’t know about Income Share Agreements is there is a predetermined amount that if you pay, the contract is void.  Let’s run through an example. Say that you sign an ISA for something that costs $1,000 USD. And let’s say you make $50,000 USD, the average salary in the United States. SharePay would likely give you the option to pay 10% of your income for 6 months, 6% of your income for 12 months, or 2% of your income for 24 months. In any scenario, you’d never pay more than the cap, which is typically two times the funding price. So if you win the lottery or have a big pay day, you’d pay $2,000 and be done with the contract forever. At SharePay, we are reinventing credit the way it should be: Fast, Fair and Fun.

Who are your customers? Do you serve individuals?

We work directly with schools, non-profits, and businesses that provide on-going services to their students, donors or customers. We don’t provide funding or credit directly to individuals. There are companies, like, where you can receive funding for signing an Income Share Agreement.

Who provides funding for Income Share Agreements?

There are several companies that fund income share agreements on our platform. Each with a specific investment thesis. SharePay does not fund any agreements. Our core competency is designing, implementing, and facilitating income share programs for businesses so that you get the most competitive pricing.



What is a SharePay Program? 

A SharePay Program is a financial aid portal for a specific student or school that funds education and education expenses. Start offering income-based financial aid for your school, online course, or institution by adding a SharePay button on your checkout page. It takes less than a minute to sign up. Visit SharePay for Schools to Learn More.

How do programs and DEALs GET Funded Through SharePay?

We work with several financial institutions to give you the best funding options to drive the cost servicing down. SharePay doesn't fund programs directly, that's simply not our model and is what sets us a part from other income share providers.  We run an automated bidding process for every contract we write to make sure you get the best prices. Think of us like a travel aggregator, but for credit.  

Does SharePay offer Direct funding?

No. We do something better. We analyze prices from several funding partners and show funding options apples-to-apples across the industry. That's why choosing SharePay is the smartest choose - you know you'll always got the best terms. 


What is a SharePay Campaign?

A SharePay Campaign is a giving portal for a specific cause or non-profit that automated income-based donations. So instead of asking for a one-time donation or monthly set rates, you can now politely ask for a percentage of their income. Give donors the flexibility to contribute less when they are making less, and contribute more when they make more. Income-Based giving is automated and stress-free. Start offering income-based giving for your non-profit or cause by adding a SharePay button on your website, or get we'll give you a webpage if you don't have one. Visit SharePay for Non-Profits to Learn More

How does a SharePay Campaign Work? 

A SharePay Campaign is a giving portal for a specific non-profit. 

How do I create a SharePay Campaign? 

Can I donate a percentage of my income to any non-profit through SharePay?

Yes. Choose from this list <missing insert list link> and we will do the rest. 


What is the difference between a SharePay Campaign, a SharePay Deal, and a SharePay Program? 

SharePay Campaigns are for causes and non-profits, SharePay Deals are for businesses and SharePay Programs are for schools.