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Give your customers the ability to leverage future income.

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Increase Spending Power

SharePay gives your customers more spending power—by enabling them to share a percentage of their income. 

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Increase conversion rates

With SharePay, you are giving your customers more payment options and credit-card alternatives. 

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Reach More Customers

SharePay reduces sticker shock and puts your services within the reach of more consumers and make more impact. 


How SharePay Works

Step 1

Your customers see income-based pricing while shopping on your website.

Step 2

They select SharePay as their payment method and allocate a percentage of their income for a specific amount of time, capped at a specific amount.

Step 3

They choose their bank from our list of trusted partners to automatically deduct the appropriate amount each month.


SharePay Pricing Examples


Why SharePay Works


SharePay is mobile-first and easy to integrate into your online checkout flow.

Optimized PRICING

We personalize pricing for your each of your customers so you can focus on your core business. 


Appeal to new customers in new ways. SharePay helps reach customers overlooked by the traditional credit system. 

Add SharePay to Your Online Checkout Today

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